Carina started her personal yoga practice in December 2013, and it quickly became a passion – she has been a regular practitioner ever since. In December 2016, she earned her 200-hour teaching certification in vinyasa style yoga through Always-At-Aum yoga school. Most simply explained, vinyasa style emphasizes a connection with each breath and movement. Carina has been teaching yoga classes since early 2017. She strongly believes that yoga is accessible for everyBODY

Regardless of your age, body size/shape, athletic ability, etc. If you have a body and are able to breathe, you can practice yoga! She also believes in the importance of reminding her students that each individual is on a different spot in their journey, there is no competition, there is no “good” or “bad” at yoga. Further, each day in your practice is different, so she encourages focusing on staying mindful in your movements with your own body

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